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You have arrived here from a TextTrust.com Certified Site. The TextTrust.com Certified Site seal is evidence of the referrer's dedication to quality and their ongoing use of the TextTrust.com services. The seal ensures that the referring site has, on at least one occasion been reviewed by a professional editor for text errors and spelling accuracy. 

TextTrust.com Seal

The TextTrust.com Certified Site seal combines high standards for identified activities with the requirement for an independent verification/audit. Together they build trust and confidence among consumers and businesses conducting business over the Internet.

Studies have shown that third party trust marks such as the TextTrust.com Certified Site seal can be indispensable in your effort to improve your customers’ perception of your organization's trustworthiness and credibility. Findings from the Stanford-Makovsky Web Credibility Study 2002 indicate that:

"Typographical errors have roughly the same negative impact on a Web site's credibility as a company's legal or financial troubles."

To display the TextTrust.com Certified Site seal on your site, you must be a TextTrust.com customer. Learn more about how to display the TextTrust.com Certified Site seal.

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