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TextTrust Express - Features and Pricing

  • All mistakes reported are reviewed by our Professional Editors
  • One Instant report containing every spelling mistake on your site
  • Downloadable Microsoft Excel report
  • Site summary results of all errors.
  • Listing of each text error with URL
  • Built-in Spelling Mistake Highlighter
  • Correct your errors with Google suggestion lookup
Your Site Size TextTrust Express
1-250 page site $49.95
251-500 page site $124.95
501-1000 page site $199.95
1001-5000 page site $299.95
5001 - 10000 page site $449.95

Goodbye Spelling Mistakes - Goodbye Negative Impressions

We all know that spelling mistakes can be embarrassing, costly, and have plenty of other negative side effects. It's our software and our Editor's job to find those spelling mistakes. TextTrust's Professional Editors and site error checking technology access every page and carefully analyze every word of your site to find all your spelling mistakes. Our patent-pending Auto-Add(tm) and Auto-Detect(tm) technologies ensure that all spelling mistakes are recorded in your reports. TextTrust.com and its Editors are like your spelling mistake insurance policy. Once you have TextTrust.com and its Editors, you're safe from the harm of errors causing embarrassing spelling mistakes!

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No software, nothing to install

No software to install on your computer. Nothing that you have to remember to upgrade. TextTrust.com and its Editors take care of everything - upgrades, dictionary improvements, new features, the works!

TextTrust Word DreamWeaver Content Management
No software to install YES No No No
Real time dictionary upgrades YES No No No
Checks every page on your site YES No No No
Only real mistakes reported YES No No No
Does all the work for you YES No No No

Industry Dictionaries

Your industry has special terms. Your organization has its own buzzwords that you don't want reported as spelling mistakes. TextTrust.com understands that. We check your web site for spelling mistakes with specialized industry dictionaries. TextTrust.com is the only site error checking technology that actually learns as it checks. Our error checking algorithms detect your industry terms and buzzwords and make sure that only real errors are reported - not 'false' spelling mistakes. Prepare yourself for a new site error checking experience!
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"We can't afford mistakes on our web site. Now that we use TextTrust.com, we don't have to worry any more."

Andrew Wall, www.ca4it.com

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