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Text Errors Cost Billions

Every interaction you have with a customer helps them form an impression of your organization. When a customer walks into your office, they take note of their surroundings.  Similarly, when a customer or potential customer visits your web site, they take note of their surroundings and form an impression of your organization.  If the web site has text errors and misspellings, the impression won't be positive and you run the risk of losing a customer... a 70% chance, according to the study below.

Bad Spelling and Grammar Hurts the Bottom Line
By Katie Hope

Bad spelling and grammar could be costing UK businesses up to £41 billion in lost sales
, a new report has claimed.

More than 70 per cent of customers would not trust businesses with poor communication skills, according to a survey commissioned by Royal Mail.

Julia Strong, deputy director of the National Literacy Trust, noted the impact that staff with inadequate literacy skills could have on an organisation's competitiveness. "It also emphasises the importance of businesses providing training where literacy problems are identified," she said.

Alex Batchelor, Royal Mail's director of marketing, agreed. "This study is proof that poor communication really does hit companies where it hurts - on the bottom line," he said.

Issue date: 12 August 2005
Source: PM Online

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