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Minnesota - Pioneer Press Covers TextTrust

HOW DO YOU SPELL EMBARRASS? Typo-scanning service is a World Wide ‘Webster’s’ for firms seeking to create good impressions online.

Spelling Mistakes Negatively Affect Google Rankings

More and more studies are indicating that search engines rank sites better when they are error free.

Web Sites Are Judged in the Blink of an Eye

Unless the first impression is favourable, visitors will be out of your site before you know it.

Enhancing Web Site Credibility

What is credibility and how can it be enhanced online? Can good spelling give your customers a higher comfort level with your site?

Text Errors Cost Billions

Bad spelling and grammar could be costing UK businesses up to £41 billion in lost sales, a new report has claimed.

Top 5 Reasons to Have an Error Free Site

Find out why web site owners need error free sites and what they have to say about TextTrust's services.

Is Your Web Site Suffering From These Spelling Mistakes?

Closer analysis of TextTrust's Top 50 Spelling Mistakes reveals some interesting insights into spelling mistakes.

OptimizationWeek - How Do Spelling Mistakes Affect eGovernment Site Credibility?

TextTrust's Top 50 Spelling Mistakes

Here's our list of Top 50 Spelling Mistakes taken from the TextTrust.com database and a few anecdotes to go along with each table.

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