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Having TextTrust.com and the spell checking process automated is a huge time saver and relief for Emergency Medicine Cardiac Research and Education Group.

For a while, we were good about manually spell checking new content on our Web site. But even with the best intentions, eventually we fell behind and lost track of what had been spell checked manually. With the content coming in quickly, it became harder to keep up.

TextTrust.com sends us detailed reporting of any misspellings on our Web site in a timely manner. This way, we can correct any typos quickly. One of the benefits is being able to take comfort in the fact that there are no long standing typos on the site. If a typo does exist between reports, it's a NEW typo with the likelihood that it has not been seen by too many viewers.

Todd Roat
Emergency Medicine Cardiac Research and Education Group
Cincinnati, Ohio
(800) 436-2734

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