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Introduction to the Affiliate Program
About the Affiliate Program 
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Introduction to the Affiliate Program

You're invited to join us, and become a partner at TextTrust.com - the Internet's premiere web site spell checking service. TextTrust.com offers the most up-to-date technology to spell check web sites, and offers the most comprehensive dictionaries available. Our goal is to clean up the web, one spelling mistake at a time. Join us, earn a high commission, and be part of the excitement by signing up to the TextTrust.com Affiliate Program. 


• Easy application to join
• High commission
• Monthly payments
• Valuable service for your visitors
• Affiliation with the Internet's leading technology to spell check web sites

About the TextTrust Affiliate Program

The TextTrust.com Affiliate Program allows you to place links on your website to TextTrust. Once you join, we provide you with easy-to-use tools to set up your links. Earn a high commission or pass on a discount to your customers on all qualifying revenue generated by links to TextTrust.com posted on your website.

The TextTrust Affiliate Program offers tools that go one step further by fully integrating the TextTrust.com spell checking features into your site. Once you join, your organization can easily modify our spell checking form to fit nicely into your site's look and feel. It has the added benefit of allowing you to specify your own 'Thank You' page, thereby keeping visitors on your site.  TextTrust.com can provide sample content for the thank you page. And last but not least, if your organization provides TextTrust.com with your logo, the logo will be included on all emails from your organization. This co-branding reinforces the message that your organization is providing a value-added service through TextTrust.

Application Process

Any organization can join and begin earning a high commission from all referral sales.  Start by filling out an application.  We accept a wide variety of sites into our program but reserve the right to refuse any site or organization that does not comply with our Terms and Conditions.

We believe that the power of the Web comes from networking. We invite anyone with a Web site to join and become an affiliate - no hassles and no minimum traffic requirements. Simply contact us through our online form or by phone at 1-888-782-5567.

Apply now to join our affiliate program, introduce your customers to TextTrust.com and earn a high commission for doing so!

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