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Do you provide cPanel hosting?
If you do, then you should give your hosting clients the power to spell check their web sites on demand!

Why do your hosting clients want you to provide the TextTrust Control Panel?
With TextTrust Control Panel your customers will receive a report containing all of the spelling mistakes on their site. Most spell checking tools only allow you to check one page at a time – TextTrust reviews the entire site – it’s fast, accurate and integrates easily into cPanel. With one click, your customer can launch the TextTrust spell checker!

ScreenshotsYour hosting clients want spell checking tools. Why?

  • No More Embarrassing Errors - Studies show that customers lose confidence in a site with spelling errors.
  • Better Search Engine Rankings - Proper spelling boosts search engine rankings.
  • Improve the Bottom Line - Increase sales, visits and visitor confidence by eliminating spelling mistakes.
  • Web Site Insurance – Set up automatic monthly spell checks on the first, fifteenth or thirtieth of the month to make sure your site is constantly spell checked.

It’s a Fact:

Web users do not overlook mistakes such as spelling errors. In fact, studies found that typographical errors have roughly the same negative impact on a web site’s credibility as a company’s legal or financial trouble!

How do you benefit by providing the TextTrust Control Panel?

  • Use TextTrust’s spell checking service to differentiate your company from the competition.
  • Include this desirable feature for all of your hosting customers or use it to improve your “high end” hosting packages.
  • Continue to provide ongoing value and cutting edge tools to your clients.
Key Features Pricing
  • Ability to install to any folder
  • Full Control within WHM Feature List
  • Integrates into x, x2, x3, blue lagoon, and monsoon skins
  • Simple installation process
  • Works with cPanel
  • Low cost, high value!
  • $5 / server / month - up to 20 servers.
  • $4 / server / month for servers 21-50.
  • $3 / server / month for servers 51-200
  • $2 / server / month  for servers 201+

IP addresses of all licensed servers are required.
(Minimum purchase of 5 server license)



Is it hard to setup TextTrust Control Panel on my server?
No! Setup is a simple process. Just download the plugin, extract the file, and run the installation script. Once you order, you will receive an Affiliate ID that you will use during the installation process. The last step is to follow the instructions provided to add a one line to the “/scripts/postupcp” file. That will complete the installation process.

Can you help me install it?
Installation shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. However, we would be happy to work through the installation process with you if you encounter any technical difficulties.

What versions of cPanel does TextTrust Control Panel support? What happens if a new version is released?
The plugin works on cPanel version 10 and 11 and supports all 5 default themes including x, x2, x3, blue lagoon, and monsoon 

If a new version of cPanel is released that affects TextTrust Control Panel we will release a patch to our customers promptly.

Is a license required for every server I have?
You must purchase a license for each server that will run TextTrust Control Panel. Please review our pricing chart for details. The cost per server goes down for multiple machines to help keep our product affordable.

Is there an upgrade or support fee?
No, your monthly per server fee includes any upgrades that become available and support in installing and running TextTrust Control Panel.

Can I use TextTrust Control Panel on VPS servers?
Yes. Please contact us directly for more details on pricing and licensing for dedicated or VPS servers.

Does TextTrust Control Panel integrate into other skins like x, rvskin, cpanelxp?
Presently, no.  However, should it be required, the Auto-Installer can me modified to integrate into other skins.  Kindly inform us of what other skins are required.

Will the spell checking tools affect my client’s web sites?
No. Your clients will receive a report detailing the spelling errors on their site. This report is based on a crawl of their public web pages. The crawler has no impact on the customer’s site and TextTrust Control Panel does not fix the spelling mistakes it located or edit or affect the sites it reviews in any way.

If you have any questions about our web site spell checker service, call us at 1-888-782-5567 or click here to email us.