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Client Testimonials

TextTrust.com catches all spelling anomalies. As a result, we are much more confident that our Web site is professional and correct.

NewsMax Media publishes content to our Web site 24/7. Our success and our reputation depend on our content being error-free, as our readers are highly educated.

On the Web, you need to post articles as quickly as possible to get the information out there or you are behind the curve. Sometimes, in moving at the speed of the Web, errors get through into our published articles.

TextTrust.com is the only company that can provide us with the daily Web site spell checking we need due to the volume of stories we run each day. We count on them so our readers can count on us.

Kenneth Williams, Executive Editor
NewsMax Media, Inc.
West Palm Beach, Florida
(561) 686-1165

Having TextTrust.com and the spell checking process automated is a huge time saver and relief for Emergency Medicine Cardiac Research and Education Group.

For a while, we were good about manually spell checking new content on our Web site. But even with the best intentions, eventually we fell behind and lost track of what had been spell checked manually. With the content coming in quickly, it became harder to keep up.

TextTrust.com sends us detailed reporting of any misspellings on our Web site in a timely manner. This way, we can correct any typos quickly. One of the benefits is being able to take comfort in the fact that there are no long standing typos on the site. If a typo does exist between reports, it's a NEW typo with the likelihood that it has not been seen by too many viewers.

Todd Roat
Emergency Medicine Cardiac Research and Education Group
Cincinnati, Ohio
(800) 436-2734

Of all the spell checking services we tested, TextTrust.com with their human editors was by far the most impressive. Their results really do have to be seen to be believed.

QHotels operates a content management system (CMS). Therefore, our Web site can potentially have any number of contributing editors. Despite our best efforts to spell check new content before it's added, we typically find that more editors results in more spelling errors. For complete peace of mind, we now routinely run TextTrust.com’s independent site-wide spell checker to double check our content management system.

As the person ultimately responsible for our site, TextTrust.com has given me complete confidence in the quality of the information we present to our guests. Embarrassing typos & spelling mistakes are a thing of the past.

Eliot Warrington, Webmaster
London, England
+44 (0)845 226-1968

The biggest benefit of TextTrust.com is that it is an ongoing service. Even though we try our best to keep errors from getting onto the web, invariably someone does make a mistake. We are notified of it via the weekly update from TextTrust.com.

Before using TextTrust.com, we had numerous spelling errors on our Web site, as our content is provided by a number of departments. Even though we corrected our errors, there was no easy method for getting all of the possible errors on our full Web site.

With our TextTrust.com weekly reports, we are able to fix our Web site with a minimum of user intervention.

John Walter, Director of System Applications
New York, New York
Marymount Manhattan College
(212) 517-0400

TextTrust.com is invaluable in ensuring the accuracy we sell to our clients is reflected on our Web site.

It was embarrassing when clients pointed out typos to us on our own Web site. When we first ran the TextTrust.com report, it found in excess of 20 typos on the Web site of which we were unaware.

We are now able to confidently update our Web site knowing that we won't introduce any embarrassing typos on our Web site.

Matthew O'Riordan, Managing Director
Lemon Foundation
London, England
+44(0)845 002-0028

While we didn't have many spelling errors, the few we had would have taken us a long time to find. Having TextTrust.com available made spell checking our Web site a very simple process.

I now have the confidence that future updates to the site will contain even fewer errors. TextTrust.com is well worth the small investment I paid.

Rick Itzkowich, Vice-President
Productive Learning & Leisure
Capistrano Beach, California
(949) 234-0625

I'm not sure how our marketing agency managed without being able to offer TextTrust.com’s spell checking service to our customers.

For example, one of our clients had just redesigned their new Web site. They really didn't expect to find any spelling mistakes and were horrified that we found over 30 errors made by their previous design agency! They were very grateful they had the opportunity to correct the errors before their sites went live as typos can have a negative effect on their business!

We are delighted that we can now provide TextTrust.com’s spell checking service as part of our 'webmaster service'. It's very reassuring to know we never have to deal with disgruntled web visitors who've identified 'spelling errors'.

Kathy Warrington, Client Manager
Refresh Marketing
London, England
+44 (0)845 226-1968

In the publishing field, it is extremely important that our web site is error-free. We've always been diligent about checking for mistakes, but TextTrust.com gives us peace of mind. Now we know for sure that our site is free of embarrassing mistakes and misspellings.

Zsofia McMullin, Marketing/Editorial Coordinator
Stenhouse Publishers
Portland, Maine
(800) 988-9812

TextTrust.com has been a fast and convenient way for us to cut through the backlog of spelling errors and get them tidied up quickly. Despite our best efforts at eagle-eye editing, our site has accumulated hundreds of little typos from being in operation for more than a decade. TextTrust.com also gives us a valuable extra set of eyes to help prevent new errors from sneaking in.

Maggie Leithead, President and COO
CharityVillage Ltd.
British Columbia, Canada
(778) 836-8181

As a result of working with TextTrust.com, our Web site is now far more free of spelling errors. Their first spell check report came back with more errors on our site than we expected to find. We were able to fix them quickly.

Since we have several hundreds of pages on our Web site, it is likely that some spelling mistakes will happen from time to time. We knew there were spelling mistakes on our Web site, but we did not have time to go back in to every page to spell check and proof each one.

We now feel more confident with TextTrust.com acting as a safety net for any mistakes that slip through the cracks.

Jeff Lillibridge, Director of Web Services
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Cavaliers Operating Company

TextTrust.com helped us get our spelling issues under control. We went from over 400 errors to 0. As new content is added, we catch errors quickly thanks to TextTrust.com’s weekly reports.

Matrikon delivers high-tech software solutions to Fortune 500 companies. Our image is a reflection of our reputation and that means our Web site has to be professional. With so many departments creating web content, it was difficult for us to control quality to the extent we needed to.

Not only has TextTrust.com helped us keep our Web site professional, but we have been able to identify and improve the work of content providers. The increased attention given to spelling is rolling over to increasing the quality of other non-web related documentation.

Brian Neufeld, Director of Marketing
Alberta, Canada
(780) 448-1010

We did a redesign of our Web site, and we wanted the peace of mind that there were no typos. (We did not have that many errors to begin with.) It is important to us to look professional. TextTrust.com helped us look good and provided us with peace of mind.

Hannah Kain, CEO
Fremont, California
ALOM Technologies
(510) 360-3600

I like TextTrust.com because we sell a professional product, and it's nice to know that the face we're trying to present isn't being undermined by spelling errors.

I get considerable comfort that knowing that someone is looking over our shoulder to check for typos.

Richard E. Brown, President
Hanover, New Hampshire
(603) 643-9600

Our Web site was rated as one of the top 50 Web sites for Law firms in the United States and that could not have happened if we had typos throughout the site.

Lucas M. McCain, Webmaster
Charlotte, North Carolina
Nexsen Pruet
(704) 339-0304

TextTrust.com has helped us maintain our goal of zero tolerance for any misspellings.

Initially, TextTrust.com found about 80-100 spelling errors in a web site of about 500 pages. Actually, that's not too many for a web site of this size. However, we are always striving to provide our shoppers with the absolute best web site that looks good and reads well.

Good spelling is one of those web site characteristics that reflects on the general quality of the company. We feel that the brand perception of our site would be noticeably diminished by poor spelling.

Tom Farin, President
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Pegasus Associates Lighting
(724) 846-5137

Because TextTrust.com reviews our site on a regular schedule, TextTrust.com always catches our spelling errors before any visitors do. TextTrust.com's exceptional performance is invaluable for keeping a tight Web site.

Ellen Duarte
Mountain View, California
Pilot Software
(650) 230-2830

TextTrust.com helps us maintain a site free of spelling mistakes. Our site had approximately 30 spelling mistakes before we started working with them. When we miss those common misspellings, TextTrust.com is there to point them out. TextTrust.com is a great safety net and a great service.

Sarah Friedman, Web Content Editor
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Van Andel Institute – Cancer Research
(616) 234-5000

TextTrust.com’s service was really useful for us given that we are non-native English speakers. I was surprised to find so many obvious and subtle errors on our Web site, especially since our site had been proof read twice before. I like that they spell checked every visible area including the page title, which is often overlooked. Their support staff was friendly and responded quickly to all of our questions.

Andreas Awenius, CEO
Munich, Germany
EmPowerTec AG
+49 8137 80 98 81

Before working with TextTrust.com, we had 80+ spelling mistakes. One of our major client groups – school teachers and academics – regularly complained to us about these spelling errors. These complaints were of concern to us as this client group is quite important.

By working with TextTrust.com, we no longer have any complaints from our clients. We also feel more confident knowing the site appears professional to all.

Thomas Mullan
Melbourne, Australia
Prestige Kitchen Appliances
(03) 9548-8388

As a result of working with TextTrust.com, our web traffic and customers are genuinely on the way up.

Our company provides digital pen and paper solutions. Since we are involved in accurately capturing what customers write down, having typo's on our site was a major turn off to customers.  Several people were happy to point out the errors on our Web site and unfortunately didn't buy anything from us as a result.
Since working with TextTrust.com, our Web site reads better and there are no spelling errors on our Web site.

Mark Hamilton
Manchester, England
Verbis – Digital Pens and Paper
+44 (0)845 803 9055

Our Web site was undergoing a complete redesign. To have TextTrust.com available to check our site was a terrific chance to launch the site in the best light possible. Our members have given it glowing reviews – thanks TextTrust.com!

Anita Kelm
Alberta, Canada
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
(780) 433-4431

We had over 1,000 spelling errors. From a management perspective, we didn’t know how many errors had crept in over the years. Occasionally we would pick one or two up when reviewing our listings, but we did not have a proper method of fixing them all in one go.

We have since corrected all the errors because of the reports that TextTrust.com sends us. We feel that our listings are now far more accurate and professional.

Gavin Basserabie
Banksmeadow, Australia
Overstock Outlet Company

Due to the number of pages on our Web site, I missed quite a few spelling errors. Friends and family emailed mistakes to me which was embarrassing.
Now with the help of TextTrust.com, I can confidently update our Web site without friends or family to proofread. It also makes me look like a super hero for doing it all by myself!
Shaunta Patton, Webmaster
Jackson, Michigan
Jackson Community
(517) 414-5538

We had quite a lot of spelling errors (over 40) when we first started working with TextTrust.com. Some were even on our main pages.

It is hard to quantify the improvement. But when selling on-line there are a lot of things you need to make just right in order make the sale (and there are a lot of things that can go wrong). Using TextTrust.com takes the spelling errors out of the equation and lets us focus on the other stuff.

Yoav Ezer, CTO
New York, New York
Cogniview Ltd.
(212) 231-8109

What an eye opener!  After our initial free trial with TextTrust, it was a given that we needed help - we signed up immediately. 

With web site content being updated daily by multiple sources, spelling errors were inevitable and we had no easy way to get a handle on them.  TextTrust gives us the ability to quickly fix any spelling mistakes on our site.  It has made a huge difference to the quality of our site and our customers have definitely noticed.

Randy A. Costa, Network Operations Manager
Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Collette Vacations
(401) 728-6000

As the owner of a web development company, I see first-hand the difficulty of keeping a database-driven or eCommerce web site spell checked and error-free. We highly recommend the TextTrust.com service to all of our clients before their initial web site launch. We especially recommend TextTrust.com since it is an ongoing service that sends weekly reports with new spelling errors as Web sites are updated over time.
Jennifer Bakunas, President
Tampa, Florida
(813) 932-9675

I was embarrassed to have 11 spelling mistakes on my site before hiring TextTrust.com site since it reflected badly on my professionalism.  

My site reads much better now that I have no spelling errors, and assures me that my customers will have the utmost confidence in me. They will know that they are dealing with a truly professional person that cares about the smallest details. Spell checking with TextTrust.com is one of those details that say I care.

John Rogers, Owner
New Castle, Indiana
Wooden Cigars
(765) 529-9618

Engineers are known to be horrible spellers.  We like to think that our Web site presents a “professional” image of our firm, so spelling is very important to the message we deliver over the Internet.  Within minutes of signing up for TextTrust’s service, we received a report that detailed about 20 spelling errors.  

Thanks to TextTrust’s weekly reports, we now have no spelling mistakes on our site – and have received positive comments from potential clients worldwide. 

Phillip J. Rothstein, Professional Engineer
El Paso, Texas
Bath Engineering
(915) 313-7221

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