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Prove to your customers that you take web site quality seriously.

Studies have shown that third party trust marks such as the TextTrust.com Certified Site seal can be indispensable in your effort to improve your customers’ perception of your organization's trustworthiness and credibility. Findings from the Stanford-Makovsky Web Credibility Study 2002 indicated that:

"Typographical errors have roughly the same negative impact on a Web site's credibility as a company's legal or financial troubles."

The TextTrust.com Certified Site seal is a trusted mark on the Internet. Available to TextTrust.com customers as part of our services, the TextTrust.com Certified Site seal allows your customers to automatically view a page which assures them of your commitment to web site quality.

How to get your TextTrust.com Certified Site Seal

The TextTrust.com Certified Site seal is part of your TextTrust.com service. Download it now for free.

TextTrust.com Certified Site 

To download the image above, simply right click on the appropriate seal and select "Save Image as..."

Seal Position and Linking Instructions

It is recommended that the TextTrust.com Certified Site seal be included in your site footer or other 'common' area of the site that appears consistently on all web pages. After downloading the seal, include the image in your web page with the following HTML code:

<a href="http://www.texttrust.com/certified.html">
<img alt="TextTrust.com Certified Site"
src="http://www.texttrust.com/promotions/seal/seal.gif" border="0">

What will my customers see when they click on the seal?

When a customer clicks on the TextTrust.com Certified Site seal on your web site they will be presented with a page that confirms your commitment to quality and informs the customer of your status as a TextTrust.com site. View the TextTrust.com Certified Site page content now

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